Residential design is our focus and we approach our projects with a respect to architecture.  From mid-century modern to Victorian, we believe that each project should be tailored to match your lifestyle and the style of your home.  We begin the design process with an understanding of our clients’ goals as they relate to site, architecture and regional surroundings.  From the conception of the design to the selection of materials each project is uniquely tailored to resonate with individual objectives and convey a sensitive integration between built and natural environments.

We are dedicated to the principle that sustainable practices promote lasting land-stewardship and produce elegant landscapes with limited maintenance requirements.  Our methodology includes sourcing local materials, specifying native plants and integrating sound ecological practices into the design of each project.  This mid-century modern residence was designed by architect John Johansen.  As a member of the Harvard Five he played an instrumental role in the movement that placed New Canaan, Connecticut at the forefront of modernity in the United States.  The new landscape design includes an infinity edge pool, a new driveway, a meadow (which serves as a vegetative buffer to the existing wetland), a vegetable garden and a series of rain gardens that capture and purify storm water runoff.  Whether you’re building a new pool or designing a small garden we can assist you through every step of the process from design and permitting to bidding and construction.